About the game

Where else could you have a really good time if not at an old-fashioned funfair? But this one is different. Be careful which ride you take – you might end up where you didn't want to go. That being said: Welcome to the Funky Fair!


Über das Spiel

Gibt es einen besseren Ort, um einige schöne Stunden zu verbringen, als einen altmodischen Jahrmarkt? Doch dieser ist anders. Pass auf, wo du einsteigst – du weißt nicht, wo die Fahrt enden wird. Davon abgesehen: Willkommen auf der Funky Fair!


Language / Sprache

The game can be played in English or German (text only).
Das Spiel kann auf Englisch oder Deutsch gespielt werden (nur Text).


Controls / Steuerung

  • Leftclick: use, talk, pick up
  • Rightclick: examine
  • Inventory: bottom of the screen
  • Linksklick: benutzen, reden, nehmen
  • Rechtsklick: untersuchen
  • Inventar: am unteren Bildschirmrand



"Welcome to the Funky Fair" was created within a fortnight by The Argonauts in 2020 for the AdvXJam. The jam's theme was "A Good Time".

Development Team

Music & SFX

“Barrel Organ of Carousel” by klankbeeld (freesound.org)
"Ambience, Night Wildlife, A" by InspectorJ (freesound.org)
"Deserted Streets" by Eric Matyas (soundimage.org)

And various CC0 sfx from freesound.org

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorThe Argonauts
Tags2020, 2D, advxjam, Female Protagonist, Hand-drawn, Point & Click, Short
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesGerman, English


funkyfair_1.02.zip 46 MB


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Awesome short game. The last puzzle was difficult. Thanks for the video walkthrough.

Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it.

this was great but when i have an item in my hand i cant go anywhere else:( and idk how to un-get it but still playing:D

i finally finished the gameee after 2 hours of school and afk 1 hour of eating and another after mistakenly refreshing twice and raging and not knowing how to do thiss 

Sorry, I did not see your post earlier. I guess you figured out eventually that you can "drop" an item by rightclicking.
I hope you had fun playing despite all the trouble.

oh i didnt know that.-.

i just clicked menu to go to the menu and clicked play to get rid of it, but i did enjoy it:D very smart

Really enjoyed the game, I had a lot of fun figuring things out.

Thanks for playing! Good to hear you had fun. ^^


Great work Argonauts. Had fun with this project too. Some nice sneaky puzzles in this one. :)


Thanks for playing this! Happy to hear you had fun. :-)

The game is entertaining and pretty nice. It took me a while to figure out some stuffs. Too bad it's short but beside that, pretty good job! I love it!

Thank you! ^^

Nice game. Love the style. I am however stuck trying to show how strong I am... 😕

(1 edit)

You need to put something in the ferris wheel...

Esmeralda, your game was a real 3S Special ice cream! One of those rare sweets that I enjoyed from the beginning to the end, with neat 2d graphics, interesting puzzle ideas, a good challenge (sometimes frustrating in a good way) and not impossible at all with a bit of perseverance. Playing it was delightful and I am looking to play each of your next games!


Awww thank you (from all of us) for your nice words, Simon!

how do you open the shutters ? 

Did you see what the torn card did to the high striker?

Ah! I was stuck there too. Will try again today 😁

Yay, done it! I was tantalisingly close to the end. Really enjoyed playing this game, thank you and well done to everyone involved. :) 

Thank you! Glad you liked it! ^^

Beeing an old man I'm playing it the fifth time now - just to memorize continuouslyhow much I like your little jewel!