You're a snack bar owner in ancient Italy. Business isn't going well, when unexpected help arrives. Sethlans, a forgotten Etruscan god, offers his help, should you manage to gather a small group of believers for him. Can you return Sethlans to glories of old and save your snack bar in return?


"Oh My God" is a point and click adventure game made for the AdventureJam 2022

Supported languages are English and German.


  • Left Click: Interact
  • Right Click: Examine
  • Inventory/Menu: Top edge of the screen
  • Not compatible with touch devices!


Team members:



  • "Sheep" by Erdie (CC BY 4.0,
  • "Horror fleshy impale impact with remains falling" by UOregonCinemaStudies, (CC BY 3.0,
  • several CC0 licensed sounds

Third Party Engine:

The game was created with Visionaire Studio 5

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsThe Argonauts, z10, Esmeralda
Made withClip Studio Paint
Tags2D, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesGerman, English


Download 86 MB
Oh My God - Official Walkthrough EN 1.0.pdf 3 MB

Development log


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Looks like this shares a save location with Me and the Robot. Confused me when I went to save and saw an existing file labeled Science Lab.

Thanks for reporting this. I assume you are playing the html-build of the game? We will look into this and try to figure out if something about that can be done from our side.

Yep, playing directly in browser on pages.

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it looks like a bug, will report it to find out if there is a workaround on either engine or itch's side (not many posts about it, yet, but here's one: )

For example when I play Oh My God and look at the local storage, it'll show save data fields from Vampire Survivors, so there's even possibilities of save-pollution between different developers. So if you play another Visionaire game on here, you will likely also see our saves there and vice versa. Easiest solution probably would be if the engine developer made the key specific to the game, similiarly to how android apps are named to be unique. The key now is named "savedata" but it could be something like "developer.game_name.savedata" or if you're going with the android convention "". Sadly it's out of our hands and we can only make suggestions. (z10)

Wow.  Surprised that the behavior was found a year and a half ago and still hasn't been addressed.  At least the bug didn't cause any destructive interference with the game experience.

This has been quite a quest. The ending was sweet and I think overall, difficulty-wise it's quite approachable. If anyone got stuck though, use my playthrough. :)  

Oh, and the Greek wife... I mean... hehe. Nice touch. :)

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Thank you so much for playing one of our games again. I love it when you bring the games to life with your voiceacting.

I'm glad you liked it. :-)

Love your style and your sense of humour in those quirky characters and their dialogue. Some of it made me laugh quite a bit - such as the conversations between the sculptor and his wife, and the text at the end of the game (whoops!). Your art is very well drawn too.

A few things could have been a little clearer, particularly some feedback when not doing the right thing (like clicking "examina" before putting in the race results or when they're not correct - or clicking on item on a hotspot or character that doesn't work there), and how to actually build the statue (I had to read the comments here to realise I could access the inventory from the blueprint).

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Yes, we know, more feedback would have been better. Unfortunately we ran out of time (again this year) and weren't even able to playtest the whole game ourselves before uploading. And we forgot to add standard "I can't do that" comments, too. We definitely need a 15 day jam next time...

Thanks anyway for your nice comment.

wow :-) a masterpiece - I *really* loved your game - and not only for its Italian settings :-D
A really great work

That's high praise, thanks a lot.

Good game! The sheep puzzle is a bit tricky, but I enjoyed it a lot. 

Thank you for the video, just watched it from start to end.

About the sheep puzzle: Yes, I could see you cheated a bit here. But as Setlans said: Sometimes you just have to fake it. ;-)

i think i've got all the pieces, but i can't work out how to build the statue? im really enjoying it and i want to finish XD


You can access the inventory when in the Screen with the statue. Just drop the pieces in the right place.

thank you! i was trying to put it in the final place rather than put it together first, d'oh. a brilliant game and a brilliant ending!


so stuck with veggies, knife and acorns...

I'm not sure where exactly you are, but try talking to the NPCs once more. They might have something new to say.

I'e exhausted my conversations with everyone, except the sculptor.  Trying to distract him to steal the hammer, but no luck

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Spoiler ahead:

He'll realise that the hammer is missing, because its usual spot is empty ...

And you might find a (not so big) fan of your vegetables.

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Not really a spoiler, if you think about it... I've already tried giving it to the sheep.  it just doesn't want them, and that's the end of that.  can't sheer the sheep cus of old man, can't take hammer, can't use pebbles...  Tried putting the short stick in  place of hammer, doesn't work either

Maybe someone knows what the sheep likes?

As for the hammer: You are on the right track. But he will see everything in front of him. If he'd turn around for some reason though ...


You have to place the short stick from the firewood salesman on the hammer while the Sculptor's back is turned, so he thinks his hammer is still there.