Initial Release

The original version of our game that was developed within a fortnight for the AdventureJam 2020 has been released on gamejolt on May 5, 2020 . Now here is the polished version with voice acting. Enjoy!

Side note:

Since we are a small team, we couldn't test and optimize our game for all kinds of devices. We recommend playing the downloadable version on a Windows PC if you can.

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Jun 09, 2020 Play in browser
Jun 09, 2020

Get Me And The Robot


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Walkthrough required) Robot`s voice is unpleasant, too human.

Changed priorities of robot but he`s still welding, a bug?

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spoiler regarding the welding: you need to speak to the robot again to make him aware of the changed priorities.

too human is unpleasant? ok, noted. ;-)

I mean IMHO people would love more robotic voice not a man`s voice with a mic in another room, my personal opinion I can be wrong

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It's your opinion, it isn't wrong! It is just a matter of taste. Other people prefer a voice that sounds even more human, because it can be expected that in the future, robots should sound much more natural than in retro SciFi movies. Our idea was a voice that reminds of pre-recorded voice samples that are patched together and sometimes sound awkward. Not sounding emotionally/naturally emphasized as a human would speak. If the voice annoys you too much, you can set the voice/text settings to text only in the settings menu. But we are very happy with our voice actors and hope that other players also like what they did.

Of course you can never make everyone happy.