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pretty quite Fun to play. thanks... the password puzzle, I don't get it by myself...

The music doesn't match the atmosphere, and the switch between the characters are not visible.. 2,5/5

But I've passed a nice moment

This was one of the first games of this jam that I played, personally recommended to me by shdon. It seems I forgot to comment, so my bad! 

It's really a great entry with some of the best puzzles in the jam. The one that had me decipher a letter took me a while (not gonna say how long lol) but I appreciated every minute of it. Very well designed and put together. Great work, guy!


Thank you very much for your kind words. Much appreciated.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the deciphering, despite it taking longer. :)

 I love all your games. Thank you for this new one.

That's very kind, thank you. (ek)

*ea*  *ia*y: this game is good :D

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Thank you very much for creating another playthrough video for one of our games. Always appreciated.

And we're glad you liked the game. (ek)

Took me a bit of time to be able to play it, been quite busy, but finally finished it in about an hour. As expected it's a new gem created by "Team Esmeralda" and it was really cool! The hand illustrated art is neat and fits perfectly with the undersea atmosphere. The environment to visit is quite small, which is logical with the station story, anyway there are many interactions and items to pick up to keep us busy. The masterpiece of this short game is certainly the puzzle of translation where we have to decypher the Dr's diary. The ending was nice, even though I wasn't very surprised to see "it" :) But it's a good idea ^^ Overall it's a very nice point and click adventure and I will never say enough to the fans of the genre to play all of the other games of The Argonauts and Esmeralda!

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Thank you, Simon, for the review and for recommending our other games.

We deliberately chose a limited environment this time - not only because we like that, but also to limit the workload for our background artists... (ek)

very good

Thank you. (ek)


Very polished game for the time frame, well done! I thoroughlyenjoyed this adventure, from the characters to the story. The puzzles were just hard enough to be a good challenge, but easy enough that I was able to solve them without becoming frustrated. And the ending... Amazing!


Sounds like we found the right balance. That's good to know. Thank you for your comment. (ek)

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That was an awesome game with superb comic graphics and with an enthralling plot and good humor. The puzzles are great (the encrypting puzzle is my favorite). Only the puzzle to find out the password for the computer was a bit confusing.

Each character in the game has its own depth and own personality. I like it! Overall, a very enjoyable short game!


Thanks a lot for your review. I blame Dr. Kaminsky for any encryption confusion ... (ek)


Congratulations :-) I really loved this game (like I loved the last year's one) - a great polished point-and-click adventure game (this year with more than one character to control - love that too)

Thank you for that nice feedback. (ek)


Among other things, you have touched a setting that I love: an underwater scientific station with problems? Bought 😉

I won't make spoilers, but there are some mechanics that have blown my mind.

An impressive job for such a short time 👏


Thank you for the nice comment. Glad you liked it. (ek)

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I downloaded the swimthrough and looked at the diary puzzle, and I'm kinda stuck at deciphering the diary and I like some further help with it.


I forgot to mention in the swimthrough that the solution is only valid for the English version of the game. If you play in German, the password is different.

If you need some tips on how to proceed, please have a look at my reply to Steffko on the jam comments page (scroll down to the bottom): (ek)

Thank you for the tip! I figure it out by looking at the pictures. Thank you for the help!


When the Argonauts team releases a new project, we can expect a game as rich as it is original, while offering particularly successful moments of reflection. Under the Sea is no exception to the rule, offering a very well-designed adventure, with several characters including two playable ones, successful dialogues, object management, puzzles, ... All served with worthy handmade graphics professional comics. A new adventure that will entertain players for a few hours, and which joins the panel of Argonauts successes. Congratulation for this game which honors the adventure game genre (specifically Point & Click), while considerably raising the level of games submitted for the Adventure Jam 2023!


Owww, thank you Yaz, you are too kind! If we entertained you for a little while, our mission to the bottom of the sea was a success. (even if Dr. Kaminsky might think otherwise ;-) )

Hello! I would like to ask for a walkthrough because I got to a part of the game where I don´t know what to do anymore to continue it...

Someone uploaded a walkthrough on youtube. I'm also planning on streaming this and some of the jam games sooner or later, but that's no help for you right now.

thanks for your tip dude, however I was able to complete the game by myself some HOURS ago 😅

I may write a walkthrough in the upcoming days. (ek)

The official swimthrough is now available for download.

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awesome game!  

Thank you. (ek)